Hazardous Weather Policy

SLV Hazardous Situation / Evacuation Policy & Procedures

In the interest of ensuring participant safety and the appropriate use of the fields and facilities, Summit Lacrosse Ventures reserves the right to postpone, cancel, or shorten games due to hazardous circumstance. Rules governing play are consistent with NCAA rules with regard to lightning and extreme weather. The call for game delays will come from event management staff. If a staff member or referee sees lightning, it is to be reported over the radio; game delay decisions are not the responsibility of staff or referees. If lightning or hazardous condition is detected, the following mandatory procedures will be implemented. Should any participants choose not to comply with SLV’s weather protocol, they do so at their own risk.

Once a hazardous condition is imminent , an air horn will sound multiple times, indicating that the field area must be evacuated. All staff and tournament participants (players, spectators, staff, vendors) are to evacuate the playing field and related areas and go to their vehicles for safety for approximately 30 minutes from when the last hazardous condition is detected. All tournament activities, to include vendors are to cease operation. No participants are to return to the fields until a second series of horn blasts is heard, or upon notification by a Director. No one is allowed back into the playing field area until officials have determined that it is safe to resume play.

Participants are to remain in their cars, and in the event of weather, are not to leave the venue until tournament directors have confirmed that play will not resume.

Secured tents and equipment can be left at the fields until the storm delay is over;

Once the hazardous condition clears, a horn blast will denote when it is safe to resume play;

If a weather-related evacuation occurs during the 1st half, teams will return to play the 2nd half of the game, weather permitting. If the evacuation occurs during the second half, the game MAY pick-up where it left off (weather permitting), OR the game MAY be terminated, and the score recorded as is. If the score differential is equal to or greater than 6, regardless of time remaining, the game may be terminated.

Tournament officials will make every effort to “make-up” time, but the schedule may be delayed up to the duration of the suspension of play;

Please be advised that for all issues effecting game play (e.g.- field/goal conditions, schedules, seeding/reseeding, playoffs, weather-related play halts/restarts, etc.), official information and decisions can only be obtained from tournament Directors, who are located at the tournament headquarters.  Please do not request or expect formal information from score keepers, referees, grounds keepers, parking staff, or security personnel.

In addition to being available at the tournament headquarters, tournament Directors will first and foremost utilize the tournament social media, website, and email/mobile phones in an emergency, to communicate information pertinent to game play.

It is ultimately the team’s on-site representative’s responsibility to seek out and obtain correct and timely information that affects their team’s play from the tournament Directors. This above signifies the need for teams to COMPLETELY fill out registration material, including contact information for on-site team representatives.

Hazardous conditions are out of the control of tournament directors. Every effort will be made to facilitate fair and maximum play, with safety as the principal factor. SLV is not responsible for venue conditions related to weather, force majeure, or other events beyond its control.