• Niagara Lacrosse Classic

    07/20/2024   |  Youngstown, NY

  • Niagara Lacrosse Classic

    07/20/2024   |  Youngstown, NY

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Event Information

July 20-21, 2024
Old Fort Niagara, Youngstown, NY
Boys 2025-2035

The perfect blend of solid competition on-field and so many exciting things explore off-field make the Niagara Lacrosse Classic a long-standing memory-making event, since 2007. A location unlike any other lacrosse tournament and festival with 17 fields at one location where the mighty Niagara River and Lake Ontario meet. A short drive to Niagara Falls and the many regional attractions on both the US and Canadian side of the border.

Amazing 17 Field Facility
Festival Atmosphere
Vendor Village
Championship Format/Prizes
Gold & Silver Divisions Where Possible
Game Film Available

Divisional Detail

Divisions Deposit Balance Bal. Due Date Total Divisional Cost
Boys 2025 $400 $1,500 4/3/24 $1,900
Boys 2026 $400 $1,500 4/3/24 $1,900
Boys 2027 $400 $1,500 4/3/24 $1,900
Boys 2028 $400 $1,500 4/3/24 $1,900
Boys 2029 $300 $1,400 4/3/24 $1,700
Boys 2030-2031 $300 $1,400 4/3/24 $1,700
Boys 2032-2033 10v10 (4G) $150 $950 4/3/24 $1,100
Boys 2032-2033 8v8 (4G) $150 $750 4/3/24 $900
Boys 2034-2035 8v8 (3G) $100 $600 4/3/24 $700

Event Location(s)

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